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Wireless Network Security

At ConsultX, wireless network security is a top priority for our customers. One of the fundamental aspects of your wireless network is keeping your business and your users safe from the latest security threats. Company devices carry important business data, confidential information, login credentials, and more. Different types of devices support different levels of WiFi security. By reviewing what the devices support, we can advise you on how to implement the best WiFi security methods. Our engineers work with you to create a security plan to keep your devices safe.

Wireless Network Security Services

Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, you will benefit from proactively protecting your devices from cyber security threats. WEP, LEAP and WPA (TKIP) should not be used because they are vulnerable to attacks. At ConsultX, we work with your company to understand and establish a plan for corporate, guests, and BYOD (new and old) devices that can be universally adopted throughout your organization. We will help your business by advising how these devices should connect to your network and how to enforce the security that allows them access.

For help with WiFi security for your organization, call or Contact Us today.

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