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Mesh and Bridging


Do you need connectivity in areas where distances are too far or too expensive to run cabling to connect back to the network? We have the right solution for you! ConsultX offers high-quality mesh networks and bridging solutions for all of our clients.

Wireless mesh networks allows access points covering different outdoor areas to wirelessly hop back to a network connected access point. Parking lots, storage yards, and outdoor campuses are a few examples where mesh networks are used to provide coverage for WiFi users. Our mesh networks allow your users to browse, shop, and use mobile applications across these large, open areas.

Bridges are special wireless devices for dedicated point to point connections. The ability to wirelessly connect multiple buildings across your campus instead of burying new lines can significantly save costs while retaining the resiliency and throughput as fiber. At ConsultX, we will help you design and install the best solution to enable communications between buildings or other remote areas.

Benefits of Bridges and Mesh Network

  • Cost Effective: Without the need to run expensive cabling or fiber throughout your campus, bridging and mesh designs save your organization money.

  • Adaptable: As your company grows, the needs of your network expand. Your mesh network has the ability to scale with the requirements and size of your organization. With the inclusion of new mobile devices, additional users, or building expansions, our experienced engineers at ConsultX can modify your mesh network to meet your needs.

  • Connectivity: With the proper design, you have the ability to provide WiFi in areas not previously reachable from access points mounted to buildings. Wireless alternatives to fiber for building to building connectivity enables a quickly installed, reliable, and high-capacity link.

Here at ConsultX, we are dedicated to providing you with first-rate networking solutions that meet your unique needs. Our mesh networks and bridging solutions are no exception. Our network experts will carefully examine your situation to determine the best possible network configuration.


ConsultX has the knowledge and experience to guide you to a solution that solves these complex connectivity problems. Call or Contact Us today.

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