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Location Aware Networks

Monetize your network with a location aware wireless design! Real time information is collected and can be used to measure and enhance customer engagement and loyalty. Track their movements with the use of WiFi and BLE throughout your environment. Through a reliable RF design, you can display and correlate the routes that your customers take and the amount of time they spend in different areas of your facilities. You can also utilize your guest WiFi to collect important data about your customers that can be used for marketing purposes.


Benefits to Location Aware Networks

  • Analytics: Location aware networks can provide you with valuable data regarding your customer's movements. The data allows you to see where they went, the path they took, and the duration of how long they were in specific areas. This information helps you to make beneficial business decisions regarding marketing, product placement, store layout, and more.

  • Splash Pages: Create customized splash pages for each of your locations or different areas. The pages can provide a unique customer experience depending on the location they are visiting.

  • Beacons: Virtual BLE Beacon solutions deliver high-accuracy location using integrated beacon arrays within the WiFi access point. Don't ever change beacon batteries again! Generate multiple virtual beacons from a single unit. It’s as easy as dropping a pin on a map. Get true blue-dot experience for navigation plus proximity marketing with this next generation solution.

Learn and engage your customers with a location aware network from ConsultX. You are able to learn beneficial information about your customer's profile: are they a new shopper, returning customer, how long did they stay, and what path they take throughout your store. Understanding the needs and motivations of your customers will allow you to establish better business solutions.


Cultivate a better understanding of your customers through location aware networks from ConsultX. Call or Contact Us today.

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