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Wireless Design

Without the right design in place, you may have dead zones, bad or dropping wireless connections, slow internet speeds, or more. You need a wireless design that is done right.

Wireless Design Service

Your wireless design is a detailed road map that we utilize to configure and implement the most optimal wireless network. With different phases of the process, we can determine coverage and proper placement of access points, configuration parameters for the SSID's, and the best security implementation for all of the devices.

  • Planning: By working with our customers, we can determine your wireless goals to help us create a network that will be efficient for you, your employees, and your guests. By understanding your goals, the needs of your users, and accessing your current network, we can create an ideal action plan for your project.

  • Design: Once we have determined the goals and expectations, we create a highly detailed wireless design which becomes the roadmap for implementation. This includes configurations for wireless access points, security methods, LAN configurations, guest access, and more.

  • Implementation: After we have developed the best wireless design for your building and organization, we implement our solutions to deliver a reliable wireless network.

  • Validation: A crucial piece that will minimize issues after deploying a new wireless network is conducting a passive survey which scans on all channels in order to show coverage throughout the areas that provide WiFi access. The results will show if there are any coverage holes or unforeseen interference that will need to be reviewed and corrected.

  • Training and Support: Following the implementation of your wireless network, we can provide customized training necessary in order for internal IT staff to support and maintain the solution.


With the right design from ConsultX, your company will have a reliable, secure, and stable network. Call or Contact Us today.

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