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RF Design

The RF design is a critical building block to a successful wireless LAN. Different ages of buildings and materials used will affect how the wireless signal propagates throughout the areas that need WiFi coverage. At ConsultX, our team of professionals utilize wireless LAN surveys and industry leading wireless site survey software to determine the best placement of access points throughout your campus. We deliver a design that accommodates for the quantity of devices, good roaming, reducing interference, and the capability to locate devices throughout your environment.

Benefits of RF Design

  • Enhanced Coverage: By performing wireless LAN surveys of your environment, we choose the best locations for your wireless access points, ensuring great coverage and roaming. We take into consideration the coverage model, the amount of client devices, and the right placement of access points to provide you with a resilient wireless network.

  • Better Triangulation: Shopping centers, retail stores, hospitals and outdoor venues having a better understanding of your customers motivations allows for improved business and marketing decisions. Create apps that incorporate location data for wayfinding or push notifications when customers are within range of a defined area. With the right RF design, we can ensure that your wireless access points are triangulating optimally to allow for location services.

  • Enhanced Coverage: By performing wireless LAN surveys of your environment, we deduce the best places for your wireless access points, ensuring a better, stronger wireless network.

  • Identifying Interference: With every site survey, we also conduct a Spectrum Analysis. This helps us identify and locate potential sources of interference. These are the devices that are not 802.11 wireless such as microwaves, Bluetooth, cordless phones, etc. The presence of these devices with WiFi devices can cause connection and performance issues.

  • Coverage Models: Different device requirements will gauge how much wireless coverage is needed. For instance, warehouses with only barcode scanners will not require as much coverage as a hospital where wireless VoIP phones are needed. The coverage model will specify certain signal metrics that the survey must meet. Common ones include:

    • Data Grade: Good enough WiFi for basic usage.

    • Voice Grade: Surveyed for a stronger signal strength in order to support wireless Voice over IP devices and apps. This provides stronger coverage and more access points than data grade.

    • Accurate Location Services: Wireless networks are designed to locate WiFi devices by triangulation. This design has different characteristics than a voice grade design. Accurate Location Services designs include coverage for voice and data grade, however, they require more access points than voice grade systems.

    • High Density: Voice grade coverage and accounts for high user counts in specific areas. For example: Events, auditoriums, lecture halls, etc. We design access point locations with specific antennas and power levels in order to keep the device quantity lower on each access point.

At ConsultX, we understand the importance of having a hiqh quality wireless network that you can depend on. Our RF design services remove the unknowns in your network by analyzing your radio frequency throughout your building, eliminating dead zones, dropped connections, and ineffective coverage areas.

For an RF design you can trust to deliver a strong, reliable wireless network, call or Contact Us today.

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