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Wireless & Network Assessments


There are several reasons why a network assessment done by experienced professionals can help:

  • Was there a professional design for your network?

  • Did you inherit or take over a network that you are unsure about or is problematic?

  • Have parts of the network been upgraded leaving legacy equipment in the mix?

  • Are users complaining that the network is not performing well and it is not clear why?

It can be difficult and overwhelming to determine what areas of your network are causing issues. At ConsultX, we apply years of design experience to analyze and document the wireless and network
infrastructure. From the results, our network assessment determines the necessary changes that should be made to improve the performance of WiFi connections for the wireless client devices.

Network Assessment Solutions

  • Review and Document: While conducting an assessment, we take a holistic view of your network in order to determine any potential areas of concern. Some of the components we analyze are:

    • Hardware Lifecycle

    • RF Settings

    • Authentication Types

    • Network architecture and interface configurations

    • Routing and switching configurations

    • DHCP and DNS

    • Code Versions and bug correlation

    • WLAN configuration settings

    • QoS configurations

    • Device specific settings

    • Phone code and configurations

  • Site Survey: Performing a Validation Survey will show where your wireless coverage is deficient and needs to be addressed. We utilize industry leading Wireless LAN survey tools to import the floor plans and walk through your entire building, scanning each channel to determine the signal strength. This process will also be able to detect rogue access points that could be impacting your wireless network's performance.

  • Remediation Plan: After compiling all of the data from the assessment we will provide a road map for implementing the recommendations needed for your network.

Wireless networks are mission critical to many businesses. Through our network assessment, we take the time to review the big picture of your network and to create a plan that will provide a faster and more secure network.


Find out if your network is in good shape with a network assessment from ConsultX. Call or Contact Us today.

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