Retail Wi-Fi Marketing

Your guest Wi-Fi has the ability to benefit your company as well as your customer. At ConsultX, our retail Wi-Fi marketing utilizes your secure Wi-Fi connection to create customizable marketing solutions, promoting improved customer satisfaction, spend, and retention.

Benefits of Retail Wi-Fi Marketing

  • Identify Customers: Through your retail Wi-Fi marketing, you are able to create splash pages connected to your guest Wi-Fi. When a customer utilizes your secure internet connection, they are prompted to enter their email, answer questions, or to create an account in order to gain access. This gives you the opportunity to collect pertinent marketing information, including customer's emails, age, and birthday. This data allows you to determine a demographic and to send out personalized emails and surveys.
  • Better Customer Communication: By having customer emails and information, you can create surveys, coupons, and newsletters that are tailored directly to your customers. This promotes customer engagement, feedback, and interaction, helping you to improve your company and better engage your customer.
  • Customer Location Awareness: Through the use of your Wi-Fi, our technology is able to track where your customers are throughout your store. By understanding their path, you can determine the most profitable products, reduce wait times, and send personalized coupons directly to your customer, in real time. This promotes better customer experience, satisfaction, and sales.
  • Increase Customer Retention: Our retail Wi-Fi marketing gives you the tools to better engage with your customer. This creates return customers that have a stronger relationship and brand loyalty to your company, increasing customer satisfaction, retention, and profits.
  • And More

Our technology gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers, in real time. Through our retail Wi-Fi marketing, you are able to understand your demographic, create personalized marketing solutions, and increase profits. Our tools also provide you with effective reporting and analytics, giving you insight on customer interactions, trends, and traffic. These insights allow you to create better, more informed business decisions regarding your marketing campaigns, budget, and merchandise.

With a better understanding of your customer, you can increase brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and your profits. Call or contact us today to implement retail Wi-Fi marketing solutions in your store.