Retail Wi-Fi Marketing

Retail Wi-Fi Marketing

Your Guest Wi-Fi Redesigned

The more customers logged into your Wi-Fi, the more you can utilize your retail Wi-Fi marketing to increase spend, retention, and overall customer satisfaction. Through the information collected, we are able to build invaluable analytics for your business. These reports will analyze your customer's behavior, giving you relevant insight that you can use to drive sales, manage merchandise, and promote overall better business decisions.

Re-imagine your guest Wi-Fi with customizable splash and landing pages. Our platform gives your customers a user friendly splash page that prompts them to login in order to receive access to the Wi-Fi. Once logged in, they land on your company's home page. This allows you to be able to build a customer profile, send promotional emails, and boost website sales.

Connect With Your Customers Faster and Better Than Ever!

With ConsultX and retail Wi-Fi marketing, you have the opportunity to enhance customer satisfaction and boost customer retention all while increasing your revenues. Through our dashboard, you have the ability to receive unprecedented customer information in real time - shopping patterns, wait times, customer insights, contact information, and more, available at your fingertips.

Retail Wi-Fi Marketing is the marketing of the future. We are able to connect directly to your customer, online or in-store, using text, email, or social media. Your coupons and surveys are sent directly to their phone and aimed at merchandise that matches their customer profiles, right at the moment they are looking to buy.
Wi-Fi Marketing

We Go Beyond Retail

Our retail Wi-Fi marketing works beyond storefronts. With platforms designed to understand, analyze, and interact with your customer, our dashboards provides benefits to any industry, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Schools / Universities
  • And More!

Communicate with customers, patients, and students like never before. With the ability to track visitor patterns and customer insights, you will be able to gain priceless information regarding the wants and the needs of your consumer. With a better understanding of your clientele, you will build brand loyalty, prompting a higher percentage of return shoppers. With heightened customer satisfaction comes increased sales and revenue for your business.

Unleash the potential of your retail Wi-Fi marketing today. Call or contact us at ConsultX, for your quote.