Designing for WAPs

The wireless Access Points (WAPs) in your network give you the ability to connect your wireless devices to your network. At ConsultX, our professional technicians have the expertise and the experience to create an ideal design plan for your WAPs to deliver you fast, secure, and dependable Wi-Fi. By understanding the needs or your environment, the amount of devices, and the inefficiencies in your coverage, our experienced technicians create a design for your WAPs that will ensure your most effective wireless network.

Benefits To WAPs Design

  • Mobility of Devices: By enhancing the coverage and the strength of your wireless network through the accurate placement of WAPs, your able to utilize your devices wirelessly. With your employees no longer tied to a desktop, you can improve your overall day to day efficiency.
  • Optimized Coverage: Through lan surveys, we are able to determine the best location for each wireless access point. This promotes stronger coverage, faster internet, and reduces dead zones.
  • Reduced Network Inefficiencies: By properly installing your WAPs in locations that will provide you with the best coverage, we are be to optimize your network, reducing dead zones and enhancing internet speeds.
  • Minimized Channel Interference: When WAPS have to compete against each other to utilize the same channel it can cause reduced internet speeds and inefficiencies within your network. Our technicians perform a site survey and use those results to create an effective channel plan, reducing overlapping channels and improving your wireless coverage.
  • Stronger Internet Connection: With an effective design for your wireless access points, we ensure your wireless connection is stronger, secure, and more reliable.

At ConsultX, our WAPs design goes beyond your site survey. We take the time to understand the areas in your building that may be affecting your wireless connection and causing interference to your radio frequencies. We utilize our expertise to ensure your wireless network provides you with internet connection, speeds, and security that you can trust.

For a reliable WAPs design for your company, call or contact us today.