Wireless Network Engineering

Creating and implementing your wireless network takes an experienced professional. At ConsultX, we provide you with engineers that take the time to understand your company’s wireless network needs.

From designing your wireless network to equipment planning, our experienced wireless network engineers provide you with reliable wireless solutions. Our engineering services design new networks or optimize current configurations to ensure your wireless has the capabilities to handle your needs.

Wireless Networking Engineering Services

  • Design: our wireless is more than the network. At ConsultX, we have the knowledge and the expertise to provide you with a strong RF design while also designing the right technological equipment solutions to take your wireless into the future.
  • Implement: Our experienced team of engineers installs your wireless design and your equipment, providing you with a strong, reliable wireless internet for you, your employees, and your customers.
  • Optimize: Our wireless network engineers evaluate your current network to determine vulnerabilities, inefficiencies, or disorganizations and utilize our expertise to optimize your network, making it stronger, safer, and faster.

As your trusted advisor, ConsultX’s wireless networking engineers partner with your company to ensure your wireless network provides you with strong, dependable Wi-Fi now and in the future.

From initial design to implementation to optimization, we work with you as your company expands and your wireless needs grow. Call or contact us today for your consultation.