hospitalIt is imperative that hospitals have a dependable and safe WiFi network. With the ability to complete medical tasks and update patient charts electronically, your WiFi is incredibly vital to your everyday success. At ConsultX, we utilize our technology and our experience to upgrade and integrate a reliable, fast, and secure wireless network infrastructure, with benefits including:

  • Better Connectivity
  • Improved Coverage
  • Upgraded WiFi
  • Enhanced Wireless Network Infrastructure

WiFi allows you to be able to connect medical devices, update electronic medical records (EMR), utilize wireless VOIP phones, provide guest WiFi, and more. With poor connectivity and coverage, these devices will not be able to work efficiently for your staff, your patients, or your visitors. We analyze your current network to determine coverage and connectivity inefficiencies, by understanding the issues with your network we create and implement a remediation plan to provide you with a wireless network you can depend on.

At ConsultX we create a wireless network infrastructure that will work for you now and in the future. Call or contact us today.