Saline, MI Wireless Networking

For your business to succeed you need the right tools and equipment, including a reliable wireless network. At ConsultX, we partner with our clients to design and implement the ideal infrastructure, creating a fast, secure WiFi for you, your employees, and your guests. For our customers in Saline, Michigan, we are proud to provide you with a wireless network that will enhance your connectivity, reduce your inefficiencies, and expand your coverage.

Wireless Networking

A safe, reliable wireless network allows you to work free of wires and cables. To help your business run more efficiently, our team of experts works with your layout and environment to implement the ideal wireless network for your business.

Network Infrastructure

Your infrastructure is the heart of your wireless network. It provides a framework for your network and a connection point for your wireless access points, developing better connections, coverage, and internet speeds. At ConsultX, we provide the following network infrastructure services:

Location Aware Networks

Path analysis and splash pages included in your location aware network allow you to gain valuable insight into the motivations of your customers. With this information, you are able to make more informed and educated business and marketing decisions to expand your company.


We believe the best solutions come from working with our clients. We consult with you to determine the right products, solutions, and equipment for your environment both in the present and for the future. We provide your business with the following consulting services:

  • Subcontracting
  • Problem Isolation
  • Engineering

At ConsultX, we understand that much of your equipment relies on a dependable and secure wireless network: medical carts, mobile points of sale, VOIP phones, electronic medical records, and more. To ensure that your able to operate efficiently, you need an infrastructure that can accommodate your connections, coverage, and your users. Our experienced team partners with you and your environment to create and implement a design that will provide you with WiFi that you can rely on.

For faster internet, stronger connections, and an enhanced wireless network for your Saline, Michigan business, call or contact us, at ConsultX, today.