Pinckney, MI Wireless Networking

Your business relies on your internet. To be productive, you need WiFi that is fast, secure, and dependable. At ConsultX, we utilize our years of experience to create a design that will reduce the inefficiencies, expand your coverage, and enhance your connectivity. We are proud to partner with our customers in Pinckney, Michigan and provide you with a wireless network that you, your employees, and your guests can rely on.

Wireless Networking

Our wireless networking specialists work with you to create an effective design that is ideal for your environment. Once implemented, we provide continuous service and support to make sure your WiFi is efficient now and in the future.

Network Infrastructure

Your wireless internet depends on a strong network infrastructure. Our consultants work with your environment to determine the best placement of wireless access points, the right equipment, and the ideal set up to achieve your goals.

Location Aware Networks

Knowing your customer and their motivations allows you to expand and grow your business. With a location aware network, you not only know the path your customers take in your store, you can also develop splash pages to capture important marketing information. Our location area network services include:


We provide trusted consultations and advice to our customers to make sure your network is ideal for your environment. By partnering with our clients, we set up your wireless network to reduce your inefficiencies, while also providing advice for future network expansions.

  • Problem Isolation
  • Subcontracting
  • Engineering

At ConsultX, we are proud to partner with our customers to provide recommendations, advice, and reliable wireless network designs. By working with you and your needs, we can create an internet infrastructure that will provide you with superior coverage and connectivity.

For faster internet, stronger connections, and an enhanced wireless network for your Pinckney, Michigan business, call or contact us, at ConsultX, today.