Brighton, MI Wireless Networking

Much of your business is run through the internet: medical carts, mobile point of sale units, VOIP phones, electronic medical records, and more. In order to operate efficiently, you need a wireless network that provides you with a fast, secure connection. At ConsultX, we provide our customers in Brighton, Michigan with a wireless design and infrastructure that creates dependable WiFi by correcting your inefficiencies and establishing better coverage.

Wireless Networking

When creating your wireless networking, our team of experts consult with you to determine the best solutions for your environment. An ideal network enhances your productivity by improving the inefficiencies affecting your WiFi, expanding your coverage, and upgrading your quality. As a trusted partner, we offer a variety of wireless networking services, including:

Network Infrastructure

As the backbone of your system, your infrastructure determines the layout of your wireless network. From design, to build out, to troubleshooting, we are experienced in creating an infrastructure that will provide you with WiFi that you can depend on.

Location Aware Networks

As a shopping center, building and retaining relationships with your customers is a top priority. By utilizing a location aware network, you gain valuable insight to the motivations of your shoppers. Through your WiFi, you have the ability to implement pathfinding and splash pages to enhance your marketing and make improved business decisions.


We believe the best wireless networks are devised from partnering with our clients. We consult with you to determine the inefficiencies and the needs of your environment. Our consulting services include:

  • Problem Isolation
  • Subcontracting
  • Engineering

We are dedicated to enhancing your business through dependable wireless networking. At ConsultX, we build lasting partnerships with our clients to ensure your wireless is strong and dependable now and in the future. By consulting with you, we determine the best plan for your environment and your inefficiencies, providing you with WiFi you can depend on.

For reliable Brighton, Michigan wireless networking services, call or contact us, at ConsultX, today.